Dear All, We are at a critical point. If you would like to see Sierra Foothill…

Dear All,

We are at a critical point. If you would like to see Sierra Foothill
Charter School open in Fall 2012, WE MUST HAVE YOUR HELP BY THURSDAY:

1. Intent to Enroll
Our lawyer advises us that, despite accounting for 101 students on our
Prop 39 (facilities) Intent to Enroll forms, the district is very likely
to try to deny us on grounds of insufficient proof of enrollment. The
district has sent us a letter re: denying our Prop 39 application, so this
may be true, and we have to prepare for it.

a. if you signed an Intent to Enroll form, please print out and fill in
the attached “parents confirm letter” and
– fax it to Kori Smith at 866-213-0224
– leave it at the Catheys Valley Real Estate office, to Kori’s
– leave it at the Mariposa Homes and Land Co. office on Hwy 140 in
Mariposa, again to Kori’s attention

b. if you did not sign an Intent to Enroll form, but are interested in
having your child attend, please print out and fill in the attached Intent
to Enroll form and deliver it one of the 3 ways mentioned above.

2. Delay a Year
At the last meeting, the school board asked us to withdraw our charter
petition for one year. The overwhelming feedback we have had from you, our
broad community involved in SFCS, is that we should NOT delay a year — we
have momentum behind us now, the state’s budget will not be better in a
year, and for many the current situation is not working and they need it
to change by next school year or they will have to find a different
solution (change schools, move).

a. Come to the School District “vote” meeting this Thursday, 6:30 PM,
MCUSD administrative offices, 5085 Old Highway (next to the high school)
– During public comment, say: “I do not want the charter school delayed
by a year.” Saying that is enough,
– but if you want to add your personal reason why, that is fine, too.
PLEASE, try to stay away from saying negative things about the district or
district school’s. Negative comments will make school board members
defensive and WILL NOT HELP our cause. Please always be respectful and
only speak when it is your turn.

b. Email the school board and bcc us with this same information: “I do not
wish the charter school delayed for a year. (Reason why, if you so

Kirstie Dunbar-Kari 209-379-2411
Eldon Henderson 209-852-2659
Judy Eppler 374-3467
Joe Cardoso 209-966-6304
Kimberly Forsythe-Allison