Opportunity for students ages 11 and younger to participate in child development…

Opportunity for students ages 11 and younger to participate in child development research and earn $100! Jeff Gilger, Professor and Chair of Developmental Psychology at UC Merced and Kristina Allen, Doctoral Student, are looking for participants for studies they are conducting on how children learn and how skills develop. The data collected and studied from this research project will provide answers on how children process information, learning factors, and so on, which in turn will provide much needed information on how "best" to teach children with disabilites.
1. Each recipient will receive $100.
2. If travel is beyond 10 miles, participants will receive reimbursement of 54 cents per mile.
3. There are 5 sessions. These can be done at your convenience and in a nearby location, like Mariposa.
4. The 1st session should last around 1.5 hrs. Sessions 2, 3 and 4 should last around 30-40 minutes each. The last session should be around an hour.
This research project is not a clinical diagnostic project. Therefore, the project will not provide families with data for federal support and/or services. Professor Gilger and Ms. Allen would meet with parent(s) after the sessions to answer any questions about their child's test results at the parents' request. See the flyer below for more info or call Professor Gilger at his UCM office: 209-228-4641 or lab: 209-228-4352.