SFCS needs your energy, talent and enthusiasm! We welcome your involvement.

Volunteering When Students Aren’t Around

If you would like to volunteer when students are not on campus, please contact the office at office@sierrafoothillcharterschool.org or call (209) 742-6222.

There is always much to do and we would appreciate your help.

Working with Students

If you are interested in helping in the classroom or with field trips, please read through the documents below which outline the process we must follow in order to adhere to applicable laws. Please note that fingerprint clearance is part of the process. We have been told that this can take anywhere from 3 days to 6 weeks. Please plan accordingly.

We encourage help in the classroom and appreciate your interest. You can view and download the necessary forms below:
Becoming a Volunteer — A Guide through the Clearance Process
Waiver and Release for Volunteers
Request a Live Scan form
Parent/Guardian Volunteer Contract
SFCS Volunteer Agreement