Meet Our Staff

Principal/Superintendent: Mindy Bolar

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Chelsea Stillwell

First and Second Grades: Wendy Baumann

Third and Fourth Grades: Teena Starchman

Fifth and Sixth Grades: Erika Miranda

Seventh and Eighth Grades: Andrea Contreras

After School Program Instructor: Cate Cannon

Instructional Aide: Margaret Shelton

Instructional Aide: Kristen Thomas

Instructional Aide: Christy Lombard

Instructional Aide: April Thompson

Instructional Aide: David Putonen

Instructional Aide: Lauren Glikin

Instructional Aide: David Newberry

Long Term Independent Study (Home School) Coordinator: Stephanie Evans

Office Manager: Robin Cook

Business Manager: Peggy Decker

Music and Band Instructor: Gail Vanderslik

Bus Driver: Kelly Salonen

Custodian: Jon Cook