Seventh and Eighth Grade Store


Seventh and eighth grade students are selling items as part of their Career Technical Education (CTE) course work. 2014 12 18_0167_edited-1The project started with students asked to identify problems that face the world, especially the U.S., and then engineer a solution. Students were given the task of designing parameters for a rubric to grade this project. After students designed the project together as a class, they were divided into teams and set to work researching business plans to design: 2014 12 18_0168_edited-1

      • reusable  sandwich bags
      • repurposed (upcycled) clothing
      • organic deodorant
      • organic lip balm/hand salve
After teams created a business plan for their design, they created prototypes. All of the students’ products reuse as much material as possible. Now, the class is selling their products at a fraction of they cost from other stores. You can buy our projects here (not including the bicycle power inverter). The linked page includes an order form. Students will post what they are selling and the price as items are available.