About SFCS

Sierra Foothill Charter School
Catheys Valley, California

Interested in Transitional Kindergarten or Home School? SFCS offers both.
Call the office at 742-6222 or email office@sierrafoothillcharterschool.org
for more information.

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Our Mission

To provide a rigorous, well-rounded education – with a focus on science and sustainability – that helps students acquire the academic and personal skills they need to excel in higher education, think creatively, engage in a diverse society, and pursue their dreams.

Our Vision

To establish educational excellence as a cornerstone of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for Catheys Valley and the greater foothill community.

To fulfill our Mission and Vision, SFCS offers:

  • An integrative, place-based, college preparatory curriculum for all students
  • A cooperative and caring learning environment
  • A balanced approach to the development of the mind and body
  • Opportunities for collaboration between students, teachers and staff, families, and the community.

SFCS emphasizes hands-on approaches to learning and discovery. It’s not what SFCS teaches that is innovative, but how. Research shows that children learn academic concepts best by first experiencing them in familiar and practical ways with their own hands. SFCS teaches California state-mandated curriculum standards through a place-based approach to learning that has been demonstrated to increase student motivation and achievement.

Place-Based Learning

Place-based learning is rooted in what is local; the unique history, culture, environment, and economy of a particular place. The community provides a context for learning, student work focuses on community needs and interests, and community members serve as resources and partners in every aspect of teaching and learning. We have found that this local focus engages students academically, pairing real world relevance with intellectual rigor, while promoting genuine citizenship and preparing people to live well wherever they choose.
—The Rural School & Community Trust

Individualized Inquiry-Based Instruction

Inquiry-based learning is a student-centered, active learning approach focused on questioning, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students have individualized learning plans, enabling each to be challenged in his or her daily studies. In addition to textbooks and workbooks, teachers provide structured and guided projects in which students “discover” what they need to learn. Research suggests that this challenging process of discovery makes for more lasting knowledge.

A Well-Rounded Approach to California State Standards

SFCS students will meet or exceed standards of the California Department of Education in science, mathematics, English language arts, social sciences and history, and physical education. SFCS curriculum includes instruction in music and the arts, Spanish language, and practical skills needed for success in school and life.

Contact US

4952 School House Road
Catheys Valley, CA 95306
phone: 209-742-6222
fax: 209-742-6922

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